The Agency for Financing Rural Investments supports Romanian producers and authentic services, certified at national and European level, through the CPAC - Catalog of Certified Products and Activities, a unique application in Romania created for mobile telephony.


When the CPAC app launched in 2018, it included 230 manufacturers and 753 products listed. Until now their number has grown considerably and now 957 manufacturers and 2,883 products are registered in CPAC. The biggest increase is represented by the mountain product, from 36 in 2018, to 1,906 at this moment. Also, traditional products (from 592 to 656), certified wine products, and the rest of the products certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development also registered increases.


The CPAC application includes the module on certified products at national level (traditional, mountain products, with established recipe), at European level (products with protected designation of origin - DOP or with protected geographical indication - IGP) and the module on agro-tourism guesthouses (tourist guesthouses, agroturism guesthouses, tourist information points, recreation centers).


AFIR's IT experts, who created the application, are currently working on the development of CPAC. Thus, during this year, in a first stage of development, the application will be completed with the module on the presentation of craftsmen who have benefited from non-refundable funding through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (FEADR), with the module on the presentation of fairs and local events (according to the information communicated by the County Councils), but also with a new interface that allows the easiest browsing of all available information.


The CPAC application is developed entirely on a voluntary basis by IT experts within AFIR and can be used by all those interested both in the Android operating system (download from Google Play - CPAC: and in IOS (download from the App Store – CPAC Romania: In this application you can find all producers certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and all Romanian food products certified European and national, being a graphic and easy transposition of the National Register of Traditional Products (RNPT) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Also, the application includes PNDR beneficiaries who received non-refundable funding through the European Fund for Agriculture and Rural Development for agroturism and tourism activities in the countryside.


At the same time, through CPAC, users can check the authenticity of the products and consult the details regarding the manufacturer and the recipes used, with the help of the QR code scanning function applied by the manufacturers in the points of sale of the approved products. The CPAC application displays with the help of Google Maps all the producers in Romania who hold quality certificates, with the help of indicators sorted by color, depending on the type of products made. In this way, CPAC allows accessing product details by clicking directly on the sign on the map, showing the way to the manufacturer, finding out the contact details of the manufacturers, as well as displaying all the products made by the manufacturer.